Strategic Housing Solutions has created a place where we can tell our stories of the horrific, whirlwind foreclosure process.  We want current and previous homeowners to know that they are not alone.
Yes, you had a predatory loan that you couldn't get out of
Yes, you tried your best to make the payments
Yes, you invested hundreds of thousands into making payments on that home
Yes, you were told to miss mortgage payments in order to apply for a loan modification
Yes, the "bank" lost your paperwork and gave you the runaround
Yes, you were foreclosed on while you thought you were working out a modification with the "bank"
Yes, you were lied to Day 1 about your loan, all the way until the end
Yes, you have a loan modification that is impossible to pay off in your lifetime
Yes, your home was stolen from right under you even if you had a valid defense to foreclosure
Yes, you were railroaded.  YES, YES, YES!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It takes all of us to come together to tell our stories so we can get to the root of the problem.  Please keep in touch because if we get enough responses, we may be able to put together a class action law suit and work on solutions for us to reclaim our lost equity.  These lenders came in like a Trojan Horse and pillaged our community in the middle of the night.

pillage   pil·​lage      \ ˈpi-lij  \
1. The act of robbing, looting or plundering a place or property
2. To strip of honors, possessions or attributes (by force)

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