Strategic Housing Solutions has created a place where we can tell our stories of the horrific, whirlwind foreclosure process.  We want current and previous homeowners to know that they are not alone.
Yes, you had a predatory loan that you couldn't get out of
Yes, you tried your best to make the payments
Yes, you invested hundreds of thousands into making payments on that home
Yes, you were told to miss mortgage payments in order to apply for a loan modification
Yes, the "bank" lost your paperwork and gave you the runaround
Yes, you were foreclosed on while you thought you were working out a modification with the "bank"
Yes, you were lied to Day 1 about your loan, all the way until the end
Yes, you have a loan modification that is impossible to pay off in your lifetime
Yes, your home was stolen from right under you even if you had a valid defense to foreclosure
Yes, you were railroaded.  YES, YES, YES!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

It takes all of us to come together to tell our stories so we can get to the root of the problem.  Please keep in touch because if we get enough responses, we may be able to put together a class action law suit and work on solutions for us to reclaim our lost equity.  These lenders came in like a Trojan Horse and pillaged our community in the middle of the night.

pillage   pil·​lage      \ ˈpi-lij  \
1. The act of robbing, looting or plundering a place or property
2. To strip of honors, possessions or attributes (by force)

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  1. I am the former owner of my deceased sisters home in Bowie MD. CAEF-16-25540,
    11710 Lisborough RD Bowie MD 20720. The case is reopened.

    My sisters and I inherited her home through Probate Court small estate April 2015, I became owner April 2016 through a Quit Claim Deed.

    My home was fraudulently foreclosed in my deceased sisters name Judith Ann Morgan April 27, 2017 it was not recorded until June 19, 2018 with the PGCLR it is not recorded with the PGCDF.
    On the docket it states on 04/27/17 bond approved and filed'. I have documentation of the sale.

    I received an email from Sheriff Mark Spencer that my home was foreclosed/sold May 22. 2017.

    I inquired with the MD Policy Clearance about my home and in a return email they stated that my home was foreclosed/sold May 28, 2019 and the I should check with the MDSDAT website this is not recorded with the PGCFD.

    The information from the MDSDAT website shows me as the seller June 19, 2018 to Wilmington Savings Fund, I was under Bankruptcy Protection and it was not lifted until June 25, 2018. I did not give permission for my home to be sold. This is not recorded with the PGCFD.
    Under the MDLANDREC if you type in my deceased sisters name it has her name as seller. If you type in the deed number it will have my name as seller with a list of attorneys from Samuel I White law firm.

    I have a document from BSI service company showing the balance of my home was paid off March 1, 2015 it was not recorded with PGCLR. At that time Bank of America was servicer. BSI did not become servicer until February 2016, the following year it was Fay Service Company.

    I was illegally evicted by two men impersonating the PGCSD they had no documentation nor were they dressed in the uniform of a Sheriff. It is on the foreclosure docket but no report on file.
    The people who evicted me were 22 Nigerians, the current owner is Nigerian and he is the owner of many home in PGCMD.

    The ratification audit is not signed by a Judge but states it was filed December 14, 2017 , and it shows another ratification May 2018.

    My family and I lost everything that was in our home, some things you can't put a price on.

    I hope you are able to help me in this nightmare.

    Brenda Koohkanrizi
    8 Cedar Heights CT #B
    Gwynn Oak MD 21207


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